Getting Better With The Basketball: Volume 2

Getting Better With The Basketball:  Volume 2
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Year: 2011
Actor(s): Forrest Larson (Instructor)
Genre(s): Workout
Run Time: 51 minutes

Size: 597.5 MB
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Forrest Larson brings his intensity and attention to detail back with this outstanding DVD that includes four different workouts. Larson emphasizes making the workouts game-like and working with a teammate. The DVD starts with five ways to finish off one-foot and continues with workout number - turning corners. The other three workouts are contact drills, five-chairs full-court, and change of pace. Each workout contains a variety of drills that change the angles and allow players to compete while working together. Larson's Take It To The Rim basketball camps are some of best in the country and some of the drills he uses in those camps are shared in this DVD. Running Time: 50 Minutes.

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