Running A Basketball Camp: Grades 3-6

Running A Basketball Camp:  Grades 3-6
Year: 2008
Actor(s): Jerry Petitgoue (Instructor)
Genre(s): Youth & Camps
Run Time: 57 minutes

Size: 1.3 GB
 US$ 49.95 Permanent ( access + 1 burn)


This DVD from the winningest coach in Wisconsin High School history will help anyone improve their basketball camp and help them turn a profit. Coach Petitgoue begins with the basics of putting a camp together, organizing the camp, promoting it, and all the other little things that make for a successful summer basketball camp. The camp itself is four days of fundamental drills designed for middle school players to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Each day consists of ballhandling drills, shooting drills, passing drills, conditioning drills, and contests. The camp is organized to maximize the ability for each player to improve his or her game and allow the basketball program as a whole to flourish. Running Time: 100 Minutes. 2008.

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