Zone Quick Hitters

Zone Quick Hitters
Year: 2011
Actor(s): Scott Drew (Instructor) , Mark Morefield (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: Plays
Run Time: 15 minutes

Size: 124.5 MB
 US$ 29.95 Permanent ( access + 1 burn)


The perfect complement to the Baylor Man To Man Quick Hitters DVD, these Zone Quick Hitters provide outstanding actions that will get you great shots, both inside and outside, against any zone defense. Focusing on actions that get the ball inside first, Assistant Coach Mark Morefield diagrams and explains almost a dozen plays that are the cornerstone of the Bears’ zone offense. Effectively using overloads, screens and both ball and player movement, these plays are classic quick hitters that can get you great shots in a few seconds. And just as important, they are simple to teach and easy to use at almost any level of the game. Running Time: 25 Minutes. 2011.

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