The Hybrid Flex Offense

The Hybrid Flex Offense
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Year: 2012
Actor(s): Don Kelbick (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: Man-to-Man
Run Time: 80 minutes

Size: 628.1 MB
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Coach Don Kelbick has a unique way to teach the flex and he shares the methods and ideas that have worked for him as a high school and college coach. Kelbick gives some great advice on running an effective traditional flex offense. But he takes things to another level by showing you how to add options to the offense making it unpredictable and difficult to guard. Once you are able to implement the options, the offense can become incredibly effective because players can make reads in the offense throwing the defense off balance. At any time during the base flex, a player can see an opportunity to run an "option" and get a quick score. Players feel empowered, defenses get confused, and your flex continuity offense takes on some "motion" benefits and characteristics. Running Time: 80 Minutes. 2012.

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