The A-Set Offense

The A-Set Offense
Year: 2008
Actor(s): Lason Perkins (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: Man-to-Man
Run Time: 51 minutes

Size: 555.9 MB

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The A-Set offense is the most popular offense run at the international level and Coach Lason Perkins uses diagrams and on-court demonstration to show the offense in its entirety. The offense is run from a 1-2-2 set with two posts at the top of the key and shooters in the dead corners. The action can start with the dribble or ball screens. Coach Perkins shows a variety of entries and actions that can be run from this set. There are pick and rolls, baseline plays, post entries, isolation actions and game film breakdowns. This DVD can be used to implement the set as an offense or to incorporate it as a change of pace with quick hitters. Running Time: 50 Minutes. 2008.

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