Offense: Transition, Motion, & Plays

Offense:  Transition, Motion, & Plays
Year: 2010
Actor(s): Mitch Buanaguro (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: General
Run Time: 69 minutes

Size: 842.1 MB

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Siena Head Coach Mitch Buanoaguro is on the court in this clinic DVD showing much of their offensive repertoire. The DVD includes the basic action of their primary break which is predicated on getting the ball down the side and into the post. It includes screening action within the break and how to run off of makes or misses. Coach Buanoguro goes into their motion set emphasizing spacing with strong and weak side actions. He also demonstrates a variety of drills for teaching motion. The DVD continues with eight plays to use when coming out of a time-out, three inbounds plays, and five late game plays. 2010. Running Time: 68 Minutes.

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