The Craft of Coaching

The Craft of Coaching
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Year: 2011
Actor(s): Jack Bennett (Instructor) , Dan Witter (Moderator)
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Run Time: 63 minutes

Size: 653.0 MB
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This DVD will make you think about the game like never before and help you build a program that will stand the test of time. Jack Bennett shares is wealth of experience in this DVD that will make coaches, regardless of experience of level, think about how they approach the game. Bennett doesn't proclaim that all of his ideas are correct only that you need to think about the things he discusses before entering into any season and/or career. Coach Bennett discusses topics ranging from instilling non-negotiables to eliminating things that contribute to losing and much more. Moderated by Dan Witter. Running Time: 62 Minutes. 

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