How Use, How To Defend Ball Screens

How Use, How To Defend Ball Screens
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Year: 2012
Actor(s): Steve Masiello (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: General
Run Time: 31 minutes

Size: 342.8 MB

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This is simply the best instructional material for coaches on ball screens available! And it offers the unique approach of teaching both sides of the action! Manhattan Head Coach and longtime Rick Pitino assistant coach Steve Masiello teaches four ways to defend the ball screen - and four ways to beat those pick and roll defenses! First, Coach Masiello shares his techniques and ideas on the Blitz & Get Over, Downing, Switching, and Trapping defenses- and the whys and when of using them. Then Coach Masiello offers the best ways for the offense to take advantage of the defense. This is useful information for players and coaches at any level of the game. Running Time: 35 Minutes

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