Stopping The Unstoppable

Stopping The Unstoppable
Year: 2012
Actor(s): Jamie Angeli (Instructor)
Genre(s): Defense: Zone
Run Time: 55 minutes

Size: 620.2 MB

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Jamie Angeli is back with another important DVD for your coaching library - Stopping The Unstoppable- Junk Defenses That Work. Packed with ideas on using the Diamond & 1, Triangle & 2 and unique concepts including the Designated Helper, the whiteboard diagrams and players demos give a thorough teaching of the methods to take an opponents best player or players out of the game!
Complete with game footage to highlight the "Do's and Don'ts" of these unique defensive tactics, Coach Angeli shows you exactly how to limit the offensive potential of your best opponents on the schedule. If your team doesn't always seem to match up in size or talent, this DVD will help you level the playing field. Plus an expanded printable PDF book is included with more tips and ideas. Running Time: 60 Minutes. 2012.

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