Winning With The Dribble Motion

Winning With The Dribble Motion
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Year: 2009
Actor(s): Jim Blaine (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: Dribble Motion
Run Time: 63 minutes

Size: 634.5 MB
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Jim Blaine has been running the dribble motion offense since the 2006 season and in this DVD he shares with you his experience with the offense. The basic 4-out/1-in set is covered along with the attacking action creating the offenses basic movements. This DVD stresses getting a piece of the paint and the reads for the players without the ball when that action occurs. Blaine also discusses practical applications of the offense for attacking teams depending on how they defend the interchanges. How to attack teams that switch, go under, play a pack style defense and how to get a strong post player involved are included. The DVD also includes six quick hitters to enter the offense and transitioning into the offense. Running Time: 62 Minutes. 2009.

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