The Footwork of Shooting

The Footwork of Shooting
Year: 2011
Actor(s): Mike Divilbiss (Instructor)
Genre(s): Shooting
Run Time: 43 minutes

Size: 454.4 MB
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Illinois Asst. Coach Mike Divilbiss teaches shooting off the dribble and off the catch in this excellent DVD. Divilbiss breaks down the triple threat position and teaches playing and shooting with a permanent pivot foot. This DVD demonstrates live ball moves and the three concepts - long, low first step; cover ground with your dribble and end with a one-count jump stop - needed to be effective off the dribble. One-dribble and two-dribble moves are taught and demonstrated. The straight line drive and crossover dribble into mid-range jump shots are effectively demonstrated. The DVD finishes with shooting the three off the pass. The magic of playing basketball is how you go, not where you go and Divilbiss is a master at teaching this concept. Running Time: 42 Minutes.

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