The Complete Guide To Ball Screen Defense

The Complete Guide To Ball Screen Defense
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Year: 2012
Actor(s): Steve Lutz (Instructor)
Genre(s): Defense: Man-to-Man
Run Time: 69 minutes

Size: 827.6 MB
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Creighton Assistant Coach Steve Lutz demonstrates eight ways to defend ball screens plus discusses switching and shows six drills to help teach these concepts. Lutz emphasizes communication as the number one tool for defending ball screens and goes over the details for both the ball and screen defenders. The strategies taught versus ball screens include hedge and over, hedge and under, soft hedge and over, squeezing, trapping, jumping, soft trap and downing the screen. He also goes over the communication necessary for switching. The six drills allow coaches to easily teach these methods and put their players in positions to be successful. Running Time: 69 Minutes.

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