The 3-2 Sliding Zone

The 3-2 Sliding Zone
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Year: 2009
Actor(s): Don Casey (Instructor)
Genre(s): Defense: Zone
Run Time: 40 minutes

Size: 375.6 MB
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Don Casey is consider the guru of the zone defense. He has taught it throughout the world and in this DVD he teaches a 3-2 zone that contains the dribble and protects the basket. Within this zone Casey teaches how to cover dribble penetration from the top, wing, and baseline. The key is to not have two players guarding the ball. He also demonstrates how to defend the ball when it is caught in the high and mid-post areas. The ball screen is an important part most offenses today and Casey covers defending a ball screen on the point and a side ball screen. He teaches the box move, closest man to the ball rule, and defense in advance. Running Time: 40 Minutes. 2009.

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