Dribble Motion Offense For High School & Youth Levels

Dribble Motion Offense For High School & Youth Levels
Year: 2009
Actor(s): John Hedstrom (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: Dribble Motion
Run Time: 73 minutes

Size: 649.7 MB
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Minnetonka, MN High School Coach John Hedstrom has been ultra-successful with the dribble motion offense for several years. In this on-court clinic DVD Hedstrom teaches the offense with simplicity yet gives great insight and detail into being successful with it. He teaches the offense in the whole and the breaks down into a variety of drills to help develop the skills necessary to play this exciting brand of basketball. He teaches the reads the point guard must make in order to initiate the offense and the reads the post player makes in order to create easy offense inside. Running Time: 71 Minutes.