41 Press: The Diamond Match-Up

41 Press:  The Diamond Match-Up
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Year: 2012
Actor(s): Eric Behrens (Instructor)
Genre(s): Defense: Trapping
Run Time: 71 minutes
Size: 819.5 MB
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Six-time State Champion Eric Behrens covers the diamond match-up press thoroughly in this excellent DVD. Behrens explains the responsibilities of each position and the fundaments of trapping to start the video. The key to any successful press is the ability to rotate out of the traps and getting in front of the ball. Behrens uses four drills starting with one-on-one sprint, turn, sprint and builds with a two-on-two drill teaching inbounds denial and L-cut trapping; three-on-three teaches the corner trap and taking away the middle and finally four-on-four that works on the traps and rotations. The video also demonstrates the press against a variety of alignments and press breaks. The video also includes game footage. Running Time: 70 Minutes. 2012.

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