Open Post Offense

Open Post Offense
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Year: 2008
Actor(s): Lason Perkins (Instructor)
Genre(s): Offense: Man-to-Man
Run Time: 64 minutes

Size: 654.0 MB
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The open post offense was the precursor for the explosion of the dribble drive offense that has taken place. Lason Perkins outlines and demonstrates the open post offense in an easy-to-follow pattern on this DVD. After going over the basic positioning and elements of the offense Perkins adds the cutting and screening series. He then shows six different entries to disguise the offense in order to be less scoutable. Perkins continues with baseline options, post options, pick and roll options and special adjustments. He finishes with entering the offense in transition and three drills. Running Time: 70 Minutes. 2008.

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